How You Can Help Others

All of the responsible gambling tips on our website can be useful for you to pass on to a partner, friend, family member or anyone else you are concerned about.

For most people gambling is a fun and a ‘sometimes’ leisure activity.  However a small minority of players are vulnerable to becoming problem gamblers.

Ask yourself the following questions if you think someone in your life is not gambling responsibly:

  • Does their gambling interrupt their work, home or social life negatively?
  • Does their gambling stop them from making financial commitments e.g. paying bills?
  • Do they ask for money from others to gamble with?
  • Have they stolen or borrowed excessive amounts of money from family or friends to gamble with?
  • Do they lie to cover up the true amount of time or money they spend on gambling?
  • Does their gambling cause arguments or stress or anxiety?
  • Do they no longer engage in social situations or spend time on hobbies other than gambling?
  • Are they under the age of 18 and gambling?

Gambling Help Online also contains information about how you can help someone who may have a problem with gambling.