Protecting Minors from Gambling

All forms of gambling, including online gambling, is illegal for persons under the age of 18. Ladbrokes takes active steps to exclude minors from using our betting platforms (including via age verification checks). Our services are designed to appeal to, and be used by, persons who are at least 18 years old.

Please contact us immediately if you suspect someone under the age of 18 is gambling with Ladbrokes.

Tips to protect minors from gambling online include:

  • Logging out immediately after use of any online gambling site on devices that minors have access to
  • Keeping passwords, usernames and deposit details (including credit cards) protected
  • Not using the auto-fill option for online passwords on gambling sites
  • Use the Stay Smart Online government website to install website blocking software

Filtering options are also available to prevent a minor from accessing the Ladbrokes site or any other gambling site. These can be enabled to prevent underage persons from entering online sports betting and other gambling sites.

Ladbrokes recommends that if anyone under the age of 18 has access to devices that our website or apps can be accessed on, you use filtering software to prevent them from accessing our website or apps.

The below sites have a comprehensive list of filtering options available for download.

Filtering Options

Resources to assist parents or guardians in having a discussion with minors are available at