Responsible Gambling on a Budget

One of the keys to responsible gambling is to set and stick to a gambling budget.

Enjoying the fun of gambling as a hobby or leisure activity ensures you stay in control of your betting budget and that you do not exceed your financial limits.

Set a budget
Set and stick to a gambling budget

It is crucial to keep track of not just the amount of time you spend gambling, but also how much money you spend on gambling.

Using online budget calculators to work out how you spend your money each month can help you work out exactly how much money you have to gamble with.

Remember to always keep enough money aside for your financial obligations like household bills, direct deposit payments and other leisure activities.

When your income or financial situation changes, it is essential you also re-evaluate your budget. For example, if you have a big bill due next month, look at decreasing the amount you gamble that month to ensure you have enough to pay for everything you need to without being stressed or worried about money.

Looking at options like the Ladbrokes Deposit Limits is also a useful tool to assist you stick to your budget.

Other tips to managing your budget responsibly include:

  • Don’t put off paying bills that come in or spend money that have allocated to pay a bill on gambling;
  • If you think you may have difficulty exercising restraint with your gambling, consider talking to your family, friends or a gambling counsellor;
  • Avoid cash advances on credit cards;
  • Consider accessing the support of a financial counsellor by calling the Financial Counselling Helpline on 1800 007 007.